The words computer mouse emerged out of the word mice which is plural to word mouse. This word firstly appeared out of the papers published in 1965 which meant a pointing device which was capable to function in 2- Dimensional computing environment. It’s a blend of hardware and software that make it functional. The physical or hardware part of mouse consists of a non perfect hyperbolic object looks much like egg made up of hard plastic or fiber. This object is used by one hand only, with two input buttons and a scroll wheel. That’s what a standard computer mouse depicts or looks like.

Hardware and software are soul and body combination both of inseparable entities. The software part helps the computer to read the inputs forwarded by hardware (mouse). It displays the cursor moments which helps users to have control over graphic user inter phase or computer aided display control.

The commercial use of mouse started with Microsoft’s DOS and its predecessors i.e. systems that were build on DOS (Windows Operating systems). All the applications that run on Microsoft Operating Systems facilitate mouse functionality. The Operating Systems that are build on and around other platforms, UNIX; LINIX etc also facilitate the mouse use.

Computer systems have covered a long journey from the days of Charles Babbage to the present time super computers. During all this time there have been lots of changes on both hardware and software front. Computer mouse has also changed with changing time. First came the socket pin wired mouse with a round ball at its base to make cursor movements on computer monitor, then came USB supported optical mouse that were too wired and now the latest to join the family of computer mouse is wireless computer mouse which provides you the freedom form wired limitations of mouse. Wireless mouse are also based on standards laid down by Mouse System Corporation i.e. to support five byte protocol and support three buttons.

The technology that works behind wireless mouse is simple. It works on the basis of radio frequency RF transmitter is inbuilt or integral part of a wireless mouse. Just like cord mouse this mouse also records the movements that are made any transmit them through radio signal to receiver. Receiver is a peripheral device connected to computer, usually placed in the USB port it receives the signals sent by transmitter and after decrypting those signals they are forwarded to computer to perform the desired action. Mostly all mousse based on wireless technology make use of radio frequency, the most commonly used radio frequencies range from 802.11 B to 802.11G the operation speed is 2.4 GBPS and the movement of signals is smooth and quite pretty any thing between 11 mbps to 50 mbps. Well its receiving end basically uses a Bluetooth device which is capable to enumerate radio signals.

Wireless mouse are the latest advent of cutting edge and state of art technology by providing you the freedom to go wire free. These mice’s use laser to record you action or movements and perform that desired task on computers. As first using it looks some what awkward by when you get more familiar with its usage you will love it. The most lovable part of this is that you can control your computer from any where even from your sofa couch.

It’s best suited for laptop users allowing them freedom of that some what irritating laptop touch sense pad, you can just sit back and relax and say good bye to those stressful days when you were forced to stick to table and chair. So what are you waiting for just go and grab a latest wireless mouse today and break free your self from those wires.