The apple company has submitted a certain program that represents a mobile system with a situation created entirely out of wine glass.

Such a situation could be established from a “hollow wine glass tube” or two parts of wine glass insured together. The content would be stations translucent, and it could be hermetically made and thus waterproof.

The iPhone 4 and 4S are not really that far from this idea, their situation made up of two parts of wine glass and a precious metal frame.

Some issues immediately come to mind. While the wine glass content used in modern mobile phones is quite tough, a mobile phone created entirely out of wine glass could easily be broken in a fall. Furthermore, the iPhone is chock-full of receptors, some of which might have issues performing in a (transparent) wine glass fencing – though Apple’s program details this problem by indicating some parts of the wine glass situation can be created opaque.

And the upsides? Well, The apple company names a few in its certain application: “Some of the reasons for using wine glass over other materials are that wine glass is strong, firm, and stations translucent and therefore a suitable content for an fencing of an system capable of wireless devices.”

“A wine glass fencing can also offer the portable system with a unique, attractive appearance (…) The effortless fencing, in addition to being attractive, can offer the additional benefit of less contaminants and wetness attack into the interior of it,” the certain program represents.