The search engines penguin is made for avoid spam connecting methods from being mentioned toward a website position in the Google search. Now The search engines is seriously overreached in interpreting what exactly constituted “spam backlinks and key terms stuffing”. This is the reasons a lot of top quality websites vanished from the The search engines first page rankings.

SEO Updates


Matt Cuts says that “We see a number of webspam methods every day, from search term filling to weblink systems that make an effort to drive websites greater in positions,” he said. To me, that indicates that this is about all webspam methods – not just search term filling and weblink systems, but also everything in between.”


Google Penguine Updates


This Google up gradation was exclusive in its deficit of details. Perhaps the SEO group has been ruined lately with specific formula aspects (at a high level) given that decades previous have been much more dark-colored box. The effect to website position is just beginning to become obvious and distributed details among website owners have unveiled a few adverse aspects Penguin targeted:

Demotion of low-quality exact-match websites (e.g.,, etc.)

Competitive exact-match anchor-text (found in bottom backlinks and other inner links)

Links from low-quality websites (indicating an attempt to control look for results)

Sites that “spam” The look for engines with look for term filling and hiding (serving up different articles to Googlebot than a guest receives)