Google has initiated a new social networking site called as Google plus whose only aim is to define how sharing of thoughts and feelings socially can work. It includes various innovative and exciting features like hangouts, circles and a lot more that will force you to switch to this site permanently leaving behind various other social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and Orkut.

Since this site is new, so before operating it you might need to know all about its features and facilities so that all complexities and confusions are removed. Some of these features are listed below:

  • It is important for you to make up a Google profile before signing up for Google plus. If you are not having a Google account or say a Google profile, then becoming a member of Google plus is not possible.
  • Google plus takes you to the world of real life objects and activities by introducing to you the provision of “circles” with which you can create different groups to keep your friends on your friend list separate. It allows you to keep your friends in a circle named as Saturday night, your parents and your boss in similar ways.
  • Video chats are allowed here known as “hangouts” where you can make certain circles of your choice know where you are actually hanging out on net and then you can see amazing replies or in simpler words the pop ups by different people of that circle.
  • You can easily upload from your cell phone all your videos and pictures on Google plus. Once the pictures and videos are saved in an album, then you can later on make any security changes in it according to your wish, as if with whom to share it and with whom not.
  • If you like certain things then based on your likes you can get a chance to get huge and interesting content on it using the feature of “sparks” available in Google plus. What you need is to just start up your conversations regarding any topic you like and wish to know about, and after that you will get news related to it from all across the net.
  • There is also a feature of group chat available in Google plus which is known as “Huddle”. Through this feature you can chat with all those people who lie in a group or different groups.
  • Google plus also allows you to maintain your complete security by allowing you to share your personal belongings like your pictures and videos only to those people whom you want. If you wish that only these people can view your pictures and videos without sharing them further with other people, then with Google plus you can fully make use of this excellent feature.

Google plus is the future of social networking sites which is moving ahead at a fast speed and will surely make all other social sites to be dumped into past.

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