Google has reportedly changed its Terms of Service, under which, the search giant aims to use the names and photos of its users in advertising.

Under the new rules, advertisements called as ‘shared endorsements’ will run underneath ads about Google service, in which user’s comments, rating, following a page, etc. will be used to promote something a user has endorsed along with their name and photo in the ad.


According to Fox News, such a method has been used by Facebook’s disastrous attempt at ‘Sponsored Stories’, which turned out to be page that the site’s users ‘liked’ and status updates that included companies or products into ads, and the service had to be shut down after users took issue with it and the company settled a 20 million dollar class action lawsuit.

Google also allows users to control what others see by changing their Google+ activity settings and plays intelligent by allowing users to opt out of the ‘shared endorsements’ unlike Facebook, where users were unable to opt out, the report added.

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