While answering this question I have considered the innovation factor as a game changer and not the number of units of a particular Smartphone that any company in future will be selling.

If I pick one company among Google, Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, Blackberry then we can expect a game changer from all of them. The reason is – all of these companies invest a lot in R&D and they have their own strengths.

In this answer of mine, I am ignoring Google, as Vivek Sekhar has already posted about project ARA. Excluding Google, I want to discuss Samsung and Apple as both of the companies dominates the Smartphone world. However, to keep my answer short and crisp, I’m excluding Apple as well and focusing on Samsung only.

According to me, here’s how a product from Samsung can rock the world of Smartphone…

In last one year, I have studied hundreds of patent applications filed by Samsung on smartphones. Some or I say majority of them were just a minor improvement over already existing technologies however, some among them were so intriguing that they were point on an awesome upcoming feature.

Many a time, after I finished reading these patents, I wondered that how interesting a Smartphone could be if Samsung is really going to implement the patented technology.  Based on these applications I can clearly say that in upcoming time we will be using a smarter version of Smartphone.

Here I am pinpointing some of the features that Samsung may bring in their Smartphones.

*1. The Smart Phonebook* – Today, you have to update your phonebook manually and your phonebook merely stores contact information of person. However, Samsung is planning to change this trend. They have filed multiple patents for new smart phonebook for their smartphones. They are planning to bring emotional intelligence in their phonebook where your phonebook will analyses mood of a caller and stores the emotional information of a caller along with his contact.

According to Future of technology

“Samsung is using an emotion estimation application to detect the emotions of a caller. The emotion estimation app can detect and analyze emotions of a caller during an entire video or voice call or during a certain section of the video or voice call.


Apart from this they are using the same voice pattern and samples to update a phonebook regularly and whenever some from your phonebook contact will call you from a new number, the phonebook will detect contact’s voice and will prompt you to update his contact details in your phonebook.

They also have filed patent for sorting a phonebook automatically based on how frequently you use to connect with a phonebook contact. For this feature Samsung creates a score for each contact based on how frequently you contact with a caller on whatsapp, viber, phonecall, videocall etc. So by considering multiple factors you gonna get a sorted phonebook.

*2 Flexible Smartphones* –
Well Graphene is a buzz word and lots of research on this superconductor is going on. This wonder material will increase the capacity of smartphone batteries and will facilitate to manufacture flexible smartphones as well.  We have seen LG- G flex that is a cureved smartphone . But the patent filings of Samsung claim that they want to go further by manufacturing a flexible smartphone.

They are using OLED screens and want to make flexible smartphones whose shape can be changed as per your requirement. You will be increasing and decreasing the size of your Smartphone screen. That’s what I predict from the three patent applications filed by Samsung.

*3 Augmenting Functionality of Hardware*
One of their patent applications says that there’s going to be two batteries in your smartphones – primary and secondary. So if any time you have to replace the battery of your Smartphone you won’t be switching it off. Remove the main battery and a sensor at battery cover will shift the power supply from main to secondary battery.

Apart from this they are trying to change the way you currently interact with your smartphone. Have you ever think about controlling your smartphone by using your feet? And that too without touching the device screen?

Yes you can control your Smartphone by using your feet, head or by hover of your fingers in front of your Smartphone camera. In one of their patents, Samsung has mentioned that they may be using the Smartphone camera as mouse. So while your both hands will be busy playing guitar you can scroll the musical notes on your tablets by using your feet.

*Utilizing Augmented Reality*
Augmented Reality (AR) is going to rock the Smartphone World in upcoming time. There are going to be lots of Apps based on AR. It has uses in different areas like in health care, educational sector etc. Samsung being one of the major Smartphone players is surely going to bring AR in their smartphones. They may launch AR apps that could be utilized by your professor to take attendance of your class and send assignments on your Smartphone.

The teacher will be explaining abstract concepts in a creative way by sending images and text files on your smartphone/tablet while delivering his lecture. It will take the learning curve to the next level.