We are a professional group of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), accessibility and usability consultants dedicated to providing the means necessary to make web sites available to the largest possible audience. Through our knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), accessibility and usability, we can meet this goal, to the benefit of all concerned. We bring together years of experience in a variety of disciplines, resulting in a team with the skills and knowledge required to make our goals a reality. From web design, programming, and systems administration, to usability testing and search engine optimization, we can cover all aspects necessary to your project.

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Proprietor: Neeraj Dhiman, Web Architect & SEO Consultant

Mailing address: Tech Sprinters Pvt. Ltd.
Ref No. : U72900HP2013PTC000498

Top Floor, Pushap Shopping Complex

Opposite New Apple Mandi

Bhattakufer, Shimla, HP, India

Email: neerajdhiman85@yahoo.in

Skype: neeraj.dhiman7

Telephone numbers

India(Mob): +919816034990

Land Line: 0177-2645994